Supporters Groups Songs. Victoria Block and LA Riot Squad.

I'm here to suggest improvements. I'm not here to complain about our supporters groups (SGs.) Plenty of you have been down that route on Reddit/Twitter in the past with our SGs. Lets skip those side comments for now like combining the 2. My biggest suggestion is I wish all the SGs sang more of the same songs. ACB and LARS have such great SG songs separately and they only get to sing them together at away games. I have sat in LARS for close to a decade but I've had a chance to sit with ACB plenty of times and I love their songs so much. So catchy! Doing this would allow certain songs to be recognizable for all fans in the stadium that are not in a SG.

Both SGs have plenty of the same chants like "LA Galaxy *Clap-clap-clap Clap clap* and the stadium cross "LA--Galaxy" chant at the 16th min and 60th min. But for the most part that's it. The chants are nice but that's not the same as singing songs. The only song I can think of that they share is the "We Love Ya" and "This is LA" songs. I think they can easily share some of their signature songs with each other.

For example; the LARS song that goes "Los Angeles..The Riot Squad. We came to sing.. and drink all night." There is more to it but that's a great song in LARS and gets everyone hyped in that section plus the surrounding sections. Victoria Block can easily use that chant and replace "the Riot Squad" part with "Victoria Block". It goes perfectly. Sing it in your head now if you know it. It's flows well! And that goes for any LARS chant that has "Riot Squad" in it. Replace that with "Victoria Block" and it flows smoothly. Another LARS one that Vblock can use/change for themselves "Riot Squad, we are here.. oh ohh." A few other great LARS songs can be shared too. But those are the 2 I can think of for now.

Another song that I think VBlock can share with LARS is the "Blue, White and Gold" song and the "Campeones" song. Those songs really get the crowd going and I love singing those 2 at away games with all the SGs combined. It's probably 2 of the more popular songs we sing at away games. A lot of other ones like the "Feliz, Feliz" Galaxy song and the "Vamos.. Vamos galaxy. Esta Noche..." song are fun ones too from Vblock.

I know there is a good chance that the leaders of LARS and Victoria Block won't ever read these suggestions but I hope something like this happens. At least with the "Blue, White and Gold" song. I wish we sang that one in LARS. Some of the most fun times with the SGs are at away games because all the groups are singing the same songs together.

Thanks for reading. Please share if you agree with me and are friends with some of the SGs leaders. I'm too shy to bring it up even though I've sat in LARS for awhile haha!

G's Up!!