Zlatan Ibrahimovic Is a Beacon of Light for LA Galaxy

Ibrahimovic is the superstar player that many youths aspired to be like when they came of age. Despite never having won a World Cup or Champion's League crown, the Swedish striker is somehow on a pedestal similar in magnitude to legends Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

This recognition doesn't come from one single source. Standing at a hulking 6'5", Ibra is a magnificently skilled forward whose goals come fast and hard into the opposing team's net. Even at the seasoned age of 36, he makes star defenders look like clumsy children as he gracefully and swiftly maneuvers the ball down the field.

In the United States, Major League Soccer isn't exactly as big of a deal as a major league sport should be. NFL and MLB games vastly eclipse those of the MLS, in both fan turnout and viewership.

But, the league is experiencing an unprecedented spike in popularity, and it's all thanks to Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The sensation, subbed "Ibramania" by some, has resulted in an uncontrollable influx of interview requests to the team manager by reporters and has caused the number of LA Galaxy jersey sales to skyrocket. They've sold so many since March, in fact, that the Galaxy now leads the league in total sales volume.

Ibra is such a big deal that NHL all-star Marian Hossa waited in line for nearly an hour just for the chance to take a picture with him.

Ibra is definitely no stranger to this amount of recognition. In previous interviews, he's compared himself to both Julius Caesar and a living god. While this amount of bravado may be off-putting to some, he claims that these statements have merit due to how he is treated by fans.

And he's right.

Ibra recognizes the LA Galaxy as the best team in MLS and claims it's the right place for him because of it. With his talent combined with that of the rest of the roster, he hopes they can all share the joy of victory with each other.

While the LA Galaxy wasn't exactly in desperate need of a surge in season ticket sales, they got one. People are traveling from all over the continental United States to watch the legend play, and his performance is never one that disappoints.