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The Hater’s Guide to LAFC

Bone up on Chivas 2.0

I’ll make this brief, because Galaxy fans have better things to do than wonder what second place feels like.

Los Angeles Football Club was spawned by thirty something wealthy individuals of varying degrees of goofiness. The Black and Gold, a nickname about as original as Chivas USA, are sponsored by YouTube TV, in theory a hip millennial sponsor, but really they just couldn’t land a TV deal. (Should’ve gone with front runners Urban Outfitters)

The club has done some things right. Bob Bradley was a hell of a catch, leading the Chicago Fire to the double in their expansion year as well as doing good work with Chivas USA, a club totally unrelated to LAFC.

Then there’s this.

You know who came up with “The heart of Los Angeles”? A transplant...probably.

DTLA is a fun spot, but real Angelenos understand LA is not defined by a single city. It goes without saying the region has a rich history of soccer memories, from the Rose Bowl hosting the 1994 World Cup final to all the matches played at Cal State Fullerton over the years. Whittier Narrows. Et cetera.

So when the street crew rolls up in Inglewood passing out donuts to help LAFC fans cope with the Galaxy signing Zlatan, the whole spectacle is just sad.

To quote Mitch Hedburg, ”LAFC...just be yourselves...”