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Jonathan dos Santos is our MVP

Players’ Night Out 2019 Hosted By The Players’ Tribune Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images for The Players’ Tribune

As Jona goes, so does the midfield.

It’s no secret Jonathan dos Santos is instrumental to LA’s success. (It’s no secret Jona is instrumental to El Tri’s success either, btw) His ability to set the tempo with intelligent movement and distribution was the proverbial wrench in the gears of the LAFC attacking machine, shutting down their midfield and limiting the press.

A more underrated component to his game this year? His attitude, his quiet resolve and steely determination to give everything to the crest. Beneath his athletic gifts and technical dexterity lies the attitude of a winner.

While Jona has been motivated in part by a desire to get back into the national team picture, dos Santos has been a quiet leader for the LA Galaxy from Day 1.

When the El Tri international rolled his ankle twenty minutes or so into the first half, dos Santos was undeterred, if slightly limpy.

After the match, senior editor Adam Serrano was lucky enough to capture this warm interaction between Jona and his teammates as the pair strolled towards the Angel City Brigade to celebrate. It encapsulates all the mental toughness, heart, resolve and will to succeed of the 29-year old, wrapped up in a neat little package.

Despite what happened with his brother Giovani, Jona never had anything to prove to Galaxy fans, but he’s already won their hearts.