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Looks like the LA Galaxy raced Ferraris to celebrate

What tomfoolery is DtK up to

Dennis te Kloese

A picture is worth a thousand words. Also, Dennis te Kloese is a freaking genius.

Many Galaxy fans woke up Saturday morning in a kind of drunken, hungover slumber, lots of whom were glued to their smartphones until they passed out. Most did not have alcohol, but El Trafico is a hell of a potent experience all the same.

It was a long week, especially after capitulating to the Smurfs in excruciating fashion. Now imagine how the players felt.

After such a gutsy performance, the team would likely feel entitled to a day off. Enter the LA Galaxy GM, who decided to take things to the next level. Zlatan Ibrahimovic described himself as “A Ferraris among Fiats”, and it seems te Kloese took the metaphor literally by channeling his inner Dominic Toretto.

What a brilliant idea, rewarding the players for their individual efforts in the form of a team activity. Hopefully no one crashed.

Ok, we may have laid it a little thick on the sarcasm. That being said, it’s nice to see te Kloese establishing himself as the leader of the club.