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That one time Galaxy fans outwitted their rivals

“I’m an original”

True story: I was looking for a new dry cleaner in my neighborhood and popped into a little shop close to Starbucks. The dude behind the counter...was wearing a LAFC jacket. Even worse, I had already stepped in the door and couldn’t turn back. “Ehh” I figured, “Might as well take advantage of the situation”.

So I talked for a minute about how great Mark-Anthony Kaye was and came back three days later to discover they did a stellar job on my pants. Only after paying did I declare “This Galaxy fan thanks you for your service”.

Luckily he was good-natured about the joke, and I’ve been going there ever since.

With the competitive rivalry between the LA Galaxy and LAFC fans hitting a fever pitch on and off the field, it’s important to remember this is soccer we’re talking about. To paraphrase Mills Lane, we all want a good clean rivalry.

Case in point: During El Trafico II at the Banc last year, a Galaxy supporter came up with an ingenious idea to deceive LAFC supporters. Basically, the as-of-now unidentified fan created a custom Snapchat filter that fans inside the stadium could add to their snaps. (Edit: Looks like a ACB member was behind it)

The filter itself? A cute goat with a LAFC cap on uddering “I’m an original!”, a nuanced reference to the Chivas USA days their fans would like to pretend never happened.

With over 65,000 views that night, many supporters didn’t pick up the nuance.

Wish we’d thought of it first, tbh.