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Zlatan Ibrihimovic has landed in Los Angeles

The lion of LA has arrived!

LA Galaxy

Once word got out Zlatan Ibrahimovic would be flying into LA Thursday night, LA supporters quickly wanted to know where they could greet their new target striker.

As it turns out, security issues prevented the Swedish superstar from making a customary entrance, so a small number of Galaxy supporters met at the StubHub Center, jumped on some buses and met Ibra at an auxiliary landing strip. Meanwhile at home and on social media, jack-of-all-trades Josh Guesman of Corner of the Galaxy tracked Zlatan’s arrival as the anticipation began to build.

Meanwhile on the ground...

At 9:18 pm PT, #ZlatanWatch was over. The 36-year old arrived in Los Angeles, landing on the Korean Air runway.

Finally after a wait that felt like an eternity, shortly before 10 one of world football’s great personalities walked out of an inconspicuous building to a raucous ovation from the Galaxy faithful. After the customary hellos and autograph signings, Ibra departed into the night.

Welcome to Zlatan, LA.