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Zlatan Ibrahimović has his own LA billboard

Is it Saturday yet?

We’re not exactly sure when this whole billboard thing took off. First a small ruckus ensued last year when fans on both sides engaged in unwholesome behavior and vandalized property: Murals from Los Angeles Football Club were targeted while the other guys posed for pics in front of defaced Galaxy advertising.

Eventually things settled down and the competition moved to the front offices. LAFC were clever to purchase billboard space with the downtown LA skyline in the background that spectators can view from the exposed part of Banc of California Stadium. After a prolonged period of silence, the Galaxy FO fought back with a campaign of their own.

And now the following below looks like the latest strike by the good guys. Multiple billboards with ZLATAN in giant letters have been spotted around the city.

“Zlatan is here” the sign confidently declares, before reminding us the new LA Galaxy striker is a 11-time winner with 33 trophies in his collection. Good stuff.