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Some Angeleno MLS fans want a tagging war

Solving the mystery of the vandalized billboard

MLS: LAFC Groundbreaking Ceremony Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven’t heard by now, over the weekend a bit of neighborhood mischief unfolded in the mean streets of Los Angeles.

The creative folk at LAFC decided to paint an ‘84 Olympics-like mural on the corner of Pico and Union inside working class DTLA this past Friday. It didn’t last the weekend.

Well some hardcore LAFC supporters didn’t take too kindly to that, because photos depicting fans defacing Galaxy advertising appeared on the North American Terraces Facebook page last night, leading fans to believe the vandalism was an act of retaliation.

But that’s not what happened, as their latest post exposes. Claiming responsibility for the behavior, the timeline confirms the photo was taken Saturday at the latest, whereas the billboard was discovered on Monday morning. The LAFC fans did not retaliate to the original vandalism, they simply posted it on social media at a later date to appear so.

Posted by North American Terraces on Monday, May 22, 2017
Posted by North American Terraces on Monday, May 22, 2017

Wow”, I said to myself. “These guys mean business”.

What exactly is RGLS, anyway? This is RGLS. (The group has since deleted their Instagram account, luckily we’ve got plenty of screenshots)

Short for LAFC Regulators, it’s literally four dudes. Not that I’m judging, small gangs are usually the way to go, just ask Bret and Jemaine, or Beavis and Butthead.

But come on. These photos are cringe-worthy to say the least. The fans the two clubs represent simply do not possess the social stratification required to justify such hollow wankery. LAFC doesn’t even have a roster yet! I like a good rivalry as much as the next fan, but there’s no rivalry there yet. Let’s leave the silly riff-raff to the New York supporters.

The only mystery left to solve: Who tagged the mural?