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That time the LA Galaxy took MLS social media to a new level

are we doing this right?

MLS: Portland Timbers at Los Angeles Galaxy Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

If you’ve followed MLS for a while, you’ll know the teams have experimented over the years with social media. From the earnest early days for #brands to the awkward middle period (we’re arguably still in the middle of that stretch!), teams have loosened up, to the point that nearly all team accounts now snark at league-mandated promotions for national broadcasts they aren’t involved in, throw bantz at each other, and try their hand at silly Valentine cards, memes and other wild content.

It feels like it was a lot longer ago, but back on March 13, 2017, the LA Galaxy elevated the social media game to a hilarious meme that changed the landscape forever.

A couple notes on Shooting Stars:

  • The caption is literally perfect
  • This is the rare instance where the actual play in question just doesn’t matter — the meme is so entertaining that “Was it a brutal tackle/dive?” leaves your mind as you watch Diego Chara gliding all over the place.

This was so good that the Portland Timbers literally spent months coming up with a response to it.

All in all, the #brands have to keep changing in order to keep our attention, and MLS teams will keep changing and evolving their social media to keep us hooked. But the Shooting Stars meme was a brilliant moment in time, one that continues to produce laughs every time you watch Diego Chara gliding all over the galaxy (not the Galaxy).

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