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Thanks for reading LAG Confidential!


CoG’s Josh Guesman and Unidentified Fan

Morning LA Galaxy fans, MLS supporters, our international readers, even the LAFC eavesdroppers!

We just wanted to take a moment here at SB Nation to express our humble gratitude to all of you for reading LAG Confidential and participating in our many shenanigans.

Despite last year’s emotional rollercoaster of a season that broke our hearts, we can’t help but reminisce about the good times. Who thought El Trafico would turn out the way it did, with Ibra scoring a brace on his debut to cap off the greatest match in league history? Who thought El Trafico would even be a thing, saving us from a morale-sapping corporate monker like the Honda SuperClasico or Elon Musk’s Soccer-O-Rama?

The witty characters who populate #GalaxyTwitter did a hilarious job all season of turning lemons into lemonade. (See: Gio jokes, #GalaxyMemes, #GalaxyHashtags) And along the way, the online community of LA die-hards managed to do a lot of good from supporting local small businesses to helping a friend in need.

Also who could forget the peanuts guy? (If you don’t get that inside joke, ask someone who does)

Thanks again for reading, looking forward to another crazy season and interacting with fans of the original LA club!