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LA Galaxy vs. Earthquakes Player Ratings

Another red card from a defender torpedoes the Galaxy in front of their home crowd.

MLS: San Jose Earthquakes at Los Angeles Galaxy Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

This tweet from Rob Stone just about sums it up:

Another game that made you want to claw out your eyeballs by the time it was done. Playoffs are out, team looks dire, but maybe...just maybe...the team could pull out a win (at home) against their dreaded rivals from the north.

Instead the team (barring a bright opening 20 minutes) just looked like that wilted, kinda cooked, lettuce in the sandwich that’s been out on the counter too long. No one cares about 2017 anymore, and just wants the season to be over. And it shows. There are still a few spots of brightness going into 2018, but the player ratings continue to show that there are some massive holes on the team (goalkeeper, fullback, centerback, striker, defensive midfielder, creative attacking midfielder).

Since playoffs are gone, I’d just settle for scoring some goals at home to end 2018! (Preferably by someone named Gyasi Zardes).

Here’s a stab at performance ratings, but also some thoughts for next year.

Player Ratings


  • Jonathan Dos Santos - Gets a somewhat decent score for having a bright opening first half where he was very active and involved, plus he also hit the crossbar on a stinger from distance. Found out later he played with conjunctivitis, so not to shabby for someone on the field who wasn’t feeling too great.
  • Jon Kempin - Decent saves and commanded his box, but does have the tendency to let out bad rebounds, one of which Wondo pounced on after the defense let him free for a Sunday afternoon stroll. Not the starting goalkeeper in 2018.


  • Gyasi Zardes - Still searching for a goal, any goal. Did better when he was on the wing when he was serving some decent crosses into the box. Maybe Bruce Arena was onto something. Since the position of striker has been mentioned out of Sigi’s mouth every time he talks, the Galaxy should expect to see Zardes on the wing in 2018, or as a second forward.
  • Emmanuel Boateng - Uncharacteristic quiet night for the winger who had some bad giveaways and didn’t use his speed to his advantage down the left. Will be an integral part of the 2018 squad.
  • Bradford Jamieson IV - While he was more involved than in previous games and had better movement, he wasn’t dangerous enough down the right. Still though, some encouragement after the games where fans wondered if he was even on the pitch. Needs to toughen up after losing several shoulder to shoulder challenges. One of the few youngsters I think might just make it if he can continue to avoid concussions.
  • Giovani Dos Santos - While he had a few key passes, he was ineffectual in providing any creativity, once again trying to force the issue by over dribbling rather than looking for a pass. Needs Alessandrini and/or Lletget as partners.
  • Joao Pedro - Good movement, but not enough midfield muscle to prevent San Jose from racing through the midfield, especially on transition defense. Several moments were San Jose simply passed around him and left. The Galaxy have to make a decision on him based on his play to end the year. It’s a 50/50 call at this point, but he likely will be kept for depth. LA needs help in the defensive midfield department.
  • Dave Romney - Most defensive actions of the centerback pairing. Almost scored off a header from a cornerkick. Loses his man for San Jose’s first goal. Not enough good communication with Steres, but has continued to look like the more settled of the centerback pairing. May be starting in 2018.
  • Daniel Steres - Another poor game where he was caught upfield, lost his man, was left behind for speed, and generally looked like a deer on skates. Only 8 defensive actions. He’s a bench option, not a starter. If the Galaxy acquire a CB, he should be the one replaced based on recent form.
  • Bradley Diallo - Had some offensive moments only to pass forward too long or balloon his crosses. Not accurate enough. More depth for 2018.
  • Nathan Smith - Has only had 1 decent game in a Galaxy shirt. It was not this one. Yes, it was a soft red card. Regardless, it shouldn’t have happened. Should be let go in the off-season, with LA’s depth issues not sure it’ll happen.

Not Rated

  • Pele Van Anholt - Unfortunate injury, hope it’s not something long term.
  • Ariel Lassiter, Jose Villarreal - Game was over by the time they were subbed on.