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Update: Gerrard to Liverpool is "Ridiculous"

Despite the rumors this week, Steven Gerrard will be back in a Galaxy uniform for the 2016 season (possibly his last).

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It turns out that Steven Gerrard isn't the Brett Favre of the Premier League after all. He's the Tim Tebow of the EPL. Just like when Bristol goes into full cardiac arrest whenever news around Tebow appears, so it seems that the British press can't get enough of Gerrard. Any mention drives more eyeballs to the TV and websites.

Coaches for both clubs came out this week to deny rumors that Gerrard will be returning to Liverpool this Spring.

Jurgen Klopp: "He is a legend. If he's in Liverpool and wants to train ahead of next season in LA that's absolutely no problem. Nothing else."

Bruce Arena: "There’s not any truth to any of this. It’s ridiculous."

Will this finally end all the rumors and speculations about Gerrard and a return to Liverpool? Probably not, as long as it means more views for websites and more time for us to keep up and inform you about the changes. Odds are that the executives in charge in Bristol will give up on Tebow before the British give up on Gerrard. But we're LA. We're used to gossip about our celebrities.

Personally I could care less if the rumors about Gerrard continue. As long as the Galaxy win MLS Cup next year so we can stop hearing about the stupid #RaceToSeis.