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Galaxy releases teaser of new clothing line

LA to collaborate with Undefeated

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Galaxy released a teaser clip of what appears to be a collaboration between the Galaxy and Undefeated, a local clothing brand based in downtown Los Angeles.

The clip features a man carrying a camouflage duffel bag from the Stubhub Center stands to the Galaxy locker room, before stacking a few pieces of clothing we can only catch an all-too-brief glimpse of. Another voice narrates,

"Sport is war is kind of our tagline. When the first man kind of went to war, he charted his path, it was looking at the stars, so we used a lot of the star bursts (avatars), that we brought back into it along with the shield, that had elements of war in it".

Watch the video here

According to their Facebook page, "Undefeated and the Los Angeles Galaxy present the 2014 Field Collection, a capsule highlighting the themes of victory and virtue".

The Undefeated website About page is a simple "Since 2001" in giant lettering, a not so subtle hint they are indeed hip.

(Sorry I couldn't resist, Patton Oswald ruined downtown LA for me)

All jokes aside, I was intrigued by what I saw. Though I'm a fan of last year's Adidas Originals capsule collection, if I had one complaint, it was that the designs felt generic and lacked a general purpose.

However, the "Sport is War" theme has potential and should resonate with Galaxy supporters. And the revamped Galaxy shield with a sword running through it is certainly cool.

Looking forward to the launch this Saturday.