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MLS Fantasy Round 6

Pick up Shea Salinas (Even if you're a Galaxy fan)

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Hey fellow fantasy managers! Well that was a crazy week of MLS action.

Like many of you, I got Horst'd, but as Josie put it, at least I didn't get Rimando'd or Sanchez'd. Somehow despite a meager three points from my four defenders, I managed to score a season high seventy two points! Took a gamble, captained Keane, and fortunately it paid off.

Lineups are due tomorrow, so let's get started.

Ok, full disclosure: I'm up in Nor Cal on vacation this week, so this article is going to be short and sweet, like a sugar packet. Cane sugar though, not that artificial stuff.

Your transfer activity this week should be pretty straightforward: If you're already prepared for the double game weeks coming up, there are only two players you should be looking at. Both are midfielders: Defenders aren't producing right now and the forwards have been unpredictable.

Shea Salinas ($7.6): His stats are impressive, he's racking away bonus points, and he's going to be at home versus Columbus this week, providing lots of service into the box against the shortest team in the league.

Justin Mapp ($8.6): My strategery pick from last week, Mapp delivered. And minus an unforeseen drop in form, Mapp should continue to deliver, and that was before Montreal acquired Jack McInerney ($8.3). Another plus: He's only owned by 3% of managers, so he's a true differential pick.

On the other hand, if you need more DGW's in your lineup...

If you need Union players: Sebastian Le Toux ($8.7) is a must-have despite his inconsistent form. Leo Fernandes ($5.2) is cheap and a smart pick up, in a "Everyone's going to have him so you might as well pick him up you don't miss out" kind of way. Amobi Okugo ($9.0) is expensive but will earn defensive bonus points. I don't quite trust Zac MacMath ($5.1), if only because John Hackworth likes to channel his inner Ranieri every chance he gets and It wouldn't be a surprise if Andre Blake got a start.

If you need Dynamo players: Brad Davis ($10.8) is another must-have but questionable with an ankle injury, so pick him up next week when healthy. Will Bruin ($8.5) should get on the scoresheet at least once. Don't get rid of David Horst ($6.0)!

If you need Red Bulls: Out of the three keepers, I'm going with Luis Robles ($6.0). New York is going to get shutouts sooner or later and the Red Bulls have a favorable schedule. Lloyd Sam ($6.7) was a question mark at the beginning of the year, but having played every minute this season as their most consistent offensive threat, he's a safe bet. Wait on Thierry Henry ($10.5) to see if he's fit.

Or, there's always the clever third option: Make a single transfer and pocket the other for next week.

Pick of the week: Shea Salinas ($7.6) Since I'm in Mountain View and San Francisco this week, it's only fitting I choose a Quaker.

Strategery pick of the week: Landon Donovan ($10.9) Blew his chance to make history last week, and he won't make the same mistake twice.

Good luck everybody!

Team name: ACB Industries

2013 final rank: 23rd overall

Current rank: 149 (Up)