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Transfer Rumors: Ronaldinho reports to Queretaro, and the Galaxy reportedly made contact with Fernando Torres

Updates and Ronaldinho and news on a rather intriguing Galaxy target.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Usually Christmas week is a dead zone for MLS rumors, but this year appears to be a little bit different.

Ronaldinho, a rumored Galaxy target, has reported to Querataro. His failure to do so in the weeks prior fueled speculation that a move was likely.

Perhaps more intriguingly, reports have surfaced that the Galaxy attempted to sign Fernando Torres. Torres would have no doubt been a landmark signing for MLS in terms of age and caliber, and, if the reports are accurate, suggest that the Galaxy are really swinging for the fences in their search for the team's new DP.

What do you think of the developments? Do you think Ronaldinho's reporting to camp quashes the LA rumor? Think Keane and Torres could have been the most menacing tandem in MLS history? Leave your comments below.