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Ronaldinho is about to be kicked off Querétaro

Is this the beginning of a possible move to the Galaxy?

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Ronaldinho has until tomorrow before he's likely booted from Querétaro FC.

The 34-year old Brazilian playmaker was issued an ultimatum last week by Los Gallos Blancos sporting director Joaquín Beltrán, who demanded he report for training by Dec. 24th or the team would be forced to make a decision on his future.

Although he wasn't specific about the details, Beltrán's remarks that Ronaldinho had missed much of preseason and the statement that no one was above the club were strong signals he might not have a future in Mexico.

There's also this tweet.

Is this the early stages of a possible move to the LA Galaxy? In a way, it would be karmic justice for the Galaxy to benefit from Ronaldinho quitting Querétaro after the same club benefitted from Camilo quitting on the Whitecaps before heading south of the border.

Stay tuned, Galaxy fans.