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Robbie Rogers opens up on HuffPost Live

View the full segment here

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Robbie Rogers visited the HuffPost Live studios yesterday to chat with host Alyona Minkovski about a variety of topics, including his new memoir Coming Out To Play, life, winning MLS Cup and more. It's an insightful interview, and there's some interesting behind-the-scenes Galaxy info as well.

A few tidbits

-As other Galaxy players have insisted, Landon is done.
-Speaking of LD, Landon was the guy Rogers reached out to when considering a return to MLS. According to Robbie, Landon assured him the locker room was a great group of guys, which helped.
-Robbie admits he took a full season to get used to competing as an openly gay athlete.

Check it out. Oh, and buy his book. Will post a review soon momentarily.