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Jozy Altidore tweets or that time everyone failed to understand jokes

The LA Galaxy account had a bit of fun at Jozy Altidore's expense. When he found it a few days later the internet had a field day.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday a whole bunch was made of Jozy Altidore tweeting at the LA Galaxy this non-sequitur about blowing up his agents phone. The tweet was quickly deleted, but not before the internet saved it for posterity without any context.


Soccer twitter went wild with this, speculating it was a DM that leaked accidentally. Were we really getting an inside look at how player acquisition sausage gets made? Of course not, but this is twitter. A cursory twitter search reveals that in all likelihood, this was just a case of Altidore searching for his own name and coming across this nugget.


The timing isn't perfect, which is why it's easy to miss the context. Altidore is not specifically tagged in the exchange, but it would have come up if he was bored searching twitter for his own name a day or two later. One screenshot for posterity later and we get a fun little morning speculating about Jozy Altidore's future.