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Four Star Daily: Landon Donovan, second teams, and travel money

Landon Donovan's new LA Galaxy contract was the big news of the day, but there were some other nuggets out there. Chivas USA finally has a broadcast deal in LA, and the New York Red Bulls prepare for New York City FC.

Jeff Golden

  • On national Landon Donovan day, there was much written about what this means for the Galaxy star going forward. The Daily Breeze and the LA Times have the bare bones, continuing the reports that the new contract will make him the second highest paid player in MLS with incentives taking him over the top. The previous contract was for four years, so it'll be interesting to see when we start hearing the word contract year thrown around again in regards to Donovan. Sports Illustrated's Brian Straus got Donovan to open up a bit on the deal, and Fox Sports also has a report saying Donovan stuck to priorities.
  • The Galaxy's housemates at the StubHub Center also made news yesterday, though not of such import. Chivas USA finally signed a local television deal for the remainder of the 2013 season. Their final nine matches will be carried on a combination of KDOC and KWHY. KDOC, an OC based station which broadcasts from Mt. Wilson, carried the first half of the LA Galaxy season last year while Time Warner Cable Sportsnet got up and running.
  • Business Insider is wondering if the New York Red Bulls are ready for a second soccer team in NYC, speaking of second teams in an established MLS market. Second team rivalries work best when there's an element of difference between the two. Giants-Jets can share a stadium but still have distinct fan bases as they're in different conferences while Lakers-Clippers has always gone after the same group of people. NYCFC will be competing in the same conference, the focus in the article is on where the new stadium will go and whether it will take fans away from the Red Bulls.
  • This is interesting, Aston Villa is going to begin subsidising fan travel. MLS has made efforts only mirrored in American college football to promote fan travel, away fan sections and organised travel. This is a whole new level, and could be an added incentive for season ticket holders. Even if it made those tickets more expensive, using some of that money for a STH travel fund that takes away some of those travel costs sounds like a great idea.