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Three Star Match Day: Galaxy vs. Chivas: SuperClasico II - Dead Man's Chest

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Good Morning Galaxy fans! After a mild embarrassment in the last SuperClasico, tonight the LA Galaxy look to find the treasure that alluded them before. Do you know where the song Dead Man's Chest came form? Before it was the title of Pirates of the Caribbean II, it appeared in Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island.

"Fifteen men on a dead man's chest --

...Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!

Drink and devil had done for the rest --

...Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!"

In colonial America, sugar was king. The French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese all set up sugar plantations in the Caribbean and Brazil which were labor intensive and were where most of the slave population shipped to America ended up. The byproduct of this ultimately horrible beyond horrible system to produce a non-essential good was molasses, which could be distilled into rum.

Oh how it was distilled. Rum became the drink of the Atlantic sailor. It was the drink of the American colonist. Rum taverns were places of social gathering, it's where Paul Revere was hanging out when he heard the Redcoats were coming.

Rival comes from the latin word rivalis meaning "person using the same stream as another". A modification of the word rivus or stream. Yes, rival and river come from the same root. Now the Galaxy and Chivas are connected by more than the Dominguez Channel (that stream along the 405) they share the same stadium.

They're competing for TV time, fan dollars, office space, optimal start times, not to mention the Western Confernce crown. There are only so many fish in the stream. There are only so many ports to sell our rum. There are only so many points still on the table.

Get ready Galaxy fans, for it is match day.

Galaxy, Chivas USA prep for duel in the Depot - The Daily Breeze
Robin Fraser knows full well what Chivas USA is up against when his squad takes on the Galaxy tonight at Home Depot Center. So does the rest of the world, but the Chivas coach is the one who has to scheme a game plan to stymie the surging Galaxy.