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LA Galaxy roster analysis: As many as eight boots to fill

We continue to try and figure out what the Galaxy are going to do to their roster this offseason. The Re-Entry draft part two on Friday could see some action.

Harry How

In four days MLS will conclude it's 2012 Re-Entry Draft, so it's time for another look at the Galaxy's contract situation. This time I've ordered the chart by guaranteed compensation (2012), and added in a column for minimum 2013 cap hit. I understand the minimum raise to be 5% with the option year raises to be 10% or 12.5% depending on playing time. Of course, raises can be much more than that.

As we learn anything, this chart will be updated, but as of now these are the things we know:

  • MLS Salary budget next year will be $2,950,500.
  • The minimum salary for a senior roster player will be $46,000
  • The DP charge against the budget will be $367,000

As far as the roster is concerned, this is what we know. The numbers are an attempt to show who was counting as a senior roster player at the end of the 2012 season (1-20). As of now, it appears that seven six senior roster slots will be open; David Beckham's DP spot, three players who had their options declined, and two players out of contract. If indeed Wilhelmsson is pursuing other options, that would be eight seven senior roster slots open. *Update: Buddle's salary was incorrect *Update: Perk has re-signed at a lower salary link.

Player Name Base Salary '12 ($) Guaranteed '12 ($) Contract Status 2013 Cap Hit (min.)
1. David Beckham 3,000,000.00 4,000,000.00 Option None
2. Robbie Keane 2,917,241.00 3,417,242.75 Two Years $367,000
3. Landon Donovan 2,400,000.00 2,400,000.00 One Year $367,000
4. Omar Gonzalez 180,000.00 257,000.00 One Year $269,850
5. Edson Buddle 225,000.00 225,000.00 One Year $236,250
6. Chad Barrett 220,000.00 253,333.33 Declined none
7. Sean Franklin 205,000.00 228,333.33 One Year $239,750
8. Cristian Wilhelmsson 168,000.00 190,650.00 Option $200,182.50
9. Marcelo Sarvas 135,000.00 161,875.00 One Year $169,968.75
10. Todd Dunivant 140,000.00 146,750.00 One Year $154,087.50
11. Leonardo 90,000.00 131,250.00 ? year(s) $137,812.50
12. Mike Magee 124,135.00 126,635.00 Free none
13. A.J. DeLaGarza 90,000.00 112,500.00 One Year $118,125
14. Brian Perk 76,000.00 110,100.00 Re-signed less than 2012
15. Michael Stephens 72,050.00 93,300.00 ? year(s) $97,965
Jack McBean 70,000.00 91,000.00 Homegrown none
16. Josh Saunders 74,545.00 77,678.75 Free none
Adam Cristman 75,000.00 75,000.00 Retired none
17. Pat Noonan 70,000.00 70,000.00 Declined none
18. Dan Keat 46,200.00 68,700.00 ? year(s) $72,135
19. Andrew Boyens 62,500.00 65,783.33 Declined none
20. Juninho 50,000.00 65,625.00 Loan Expires none
Bill Gaudette 60,000.00 63,255.00 Traded
21. Tommy Meyer 44,000.00 57,750.00 Rookie
22. Bryan Jordan 55,000.00 55,000.00 Declined
23. Kyle Nakazawa 51,150.00 51,150.00 Declined
24. David Junior Lopes 47,250.00 47,250.00 ?
25. Hector Jimenez 44,000.00 44,000.00 ?
26. Jose Villareal 33,750.00 35,625.00 Homegrown
27. Rafael Garcia 33,750.00 33,750.00 Rookie
28. Brian Gaul 33,750.00 33,750.00 Rookie
29. Kenny Walker 33,750.00 33,750.00 Rookie
Total 2013 cap hit thus far: $2,430,126

The Galaxy should have about $600,000 + allocation money to fill those seven or eight senior roster spots either with returning players or new additions. This really helps explain why the Galaxy aren't so keen on returning Christian Wilhelmsson, cause then you're looking at some $100k per roster spot instead of less than $100k per to fill seven roster spots.

The allocation money from not carrying thirty players, winning MLS Cup, CONCACAF Champions League, etc. would give the Galaxy the cushion to make the necessary moves, but it does look like they'll have to fill some roster spots with Re-Entry and reserve players who could make closer to between $50k-$60k like Boyens, Noonan, and Gaudette were last year.

Recency bias suggests the Galaxy should promote from within and refill the reserve squad with draft picks. Meyer and Jimenez are two that stick out as possible additions to the senior roster. Re-sign Magee, get Perk at a greatly reduced contract, sign Juninho permanently, trade for Dan Kennedy. Baby, you got a stew going.