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Morning Clippings: Livid Galaxy Can't Hold On, Draw 2-2

The LA Times and LA Daily News present two narratives from the match, but neither extreme capture what really happened on the pitch.

John Medina

Looking at the two papers of record in the LA area, we've got two different match narratives. Over at the LA Times it appears chippy play was the bigger factor in the Galaxy giving up two equalizers. Solid narrative that will continue through the playoffs, of the Dirty Quakes, however it doesn't entirely hold up as SJ still had to bury the shots earned from questionable fouls.

The Daily News narrative of the Galaxy letting the match slip away is accurate in an event by event sense, but feels harsh in not allowing for how well the Galaxy played. I tend to write neutral headlines, but if I were to write a narrative headline it would be something like "Galaxy effort thwarted by San Jose tenacity". For that's the true narrative going through the playoffs, the Galaxy will use skill and San Jose will throw the kitchen sink.

Galaxy is livid over chippy play in 2-2 draw with San Jose -
SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Major League Soccer 's regular season isn't even over and already the story lines for next month's playoffs are being written.

Galaxy can't hold on, tie - LA Daily News
SANTA CLARA - Chris Wondolowski scored his MLS-leading 26th goal and the San Jose Earthquakes came back twice in the second half for a 2-2 tie with the Galaxy on Sunday.