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LA Galaxy dreaming big with 2022 home kit

Galaxy release ‘City of Dreams’ home kit for 2022

Jon Lorentz/LA Galaxy

It’s finally here! The biggest sign of a brand new season are the brand new kits. On Tuesday the LA Galaxy released their home kits for the 2022 season, calling it the “City of Dreams” kit. Don’t worry, the Galaxy still rock the traditional home whites, with a fairly noticeable change from years past.

Jon Lorentz/LA Galaxy

The most obvious change, the removal of the controversial sash. Some grew to love — more so accepted — the sash, while others wished it away with every new kit drop. This year, the sash is no more as the team focuses on a cleaner, sharper version of their traditional home whites. Which is great, because it really helps the designs along the collar and sleeves stand out.

Jon Lorentz/LA Galaxy

The quasars, represent the “heart of the Galaxy. The dreamers, creators, and innovators who make Los Angeles the best city in the world.”

The LA and quasar design from the picture above is symbolic of the city and its connection to the heart of the Galaxy. While most all-white kits are met with a long, drawn out sigh, it’s hard to be mad at tradition, at a team who knows who they are, and what they represent. It’s especially hard to be mad when the kit looks this clean. If you're hoping to grab one for yourself, don't wait. You can get yours now, right here!

What do you think of the new home kits? Leave a comment below!