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Word on the street is LA Galaxy draw Columbus Crew in preseason scrimmage

But, details are scarce.

Los Angeles Galaxy II v Portland Timbers 2 Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The LA Galaxy appear to have played a preseason scrimmage over the weekend in San Diego against defending MLS Cup champion Columbus Crew SC.

Neither club has confirmed this game in fact happened, and they haven’t even released photos of players playing against each other, even devoid of context.

But it appears the teams played to a 1-1 result, with the Galaxy’s goalscorer being Augustine Williams.

OK, so there were some action shots from the game.

The Crew’s scorer appears to be an academy player, Samuel Sarver.

And...that’s basically all there is to go off. I can reasonably say that Williams and Nick DePuy played in the game for the Galaxy, and that’s pretty much it.

All in all, I doubt we’ll get more details and you know, on a tangible level it really doesn’t matter, it is the preseason and the first game (we think?) so it’s a chance to get some minutes behind closed doors. Would I personally love to have some real details of what happened? Yes, of course, but this is what we’re getting, I’m afraid.

The Galaxy are next scheduled to play Saturday afternoon against San Diego Loyal. This game is also behind closed doors, but given the club has announced it, perhaps we’ll get a little more info from it. We’ll keep you posted.

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