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San Diego Wave FC unveil club crest and colors

Everything is coming together, as the San Diego Wave unveiled their crest and colors today

courtesy of San Diego Wave FC

With the NWSL Drafts just a day away, the San Diego Wave took another monumental step in the construction of their club. Today, the team unveiled not only the crest, but team colors. One word: WOW.

The crest, encased in a shield, is a symbol of strength, for the city and team, to proudly stand behind. A powerful wave, cresting in the rich blues of the Pacific Ocean, sits front and center as the iconic mark of Wave FC. And under the proud banner of the city’s name, are the vivid colors of the horizon, celebrating the beauty, fun, and vibrant culture of the city and its people.

“We are thrilled to unveil our colors and crest that have been inspired by San Diego’s beauty, it’s culture and the sheer power of the Pacific Ocean,” said Club President Jill Ellis in a statement. “We are confident that our players and fans near and far will enjoy wearing our crest and colors while proudly representing and supporting San Diego Wave Fútbol Club.”

As you can see, the crest definitely pops off the screen. It also encapsulates the SoCal sunset to perfection in many ways. The bright pink sky, golden glow of the sun, and the blue waves crashing in. Personally, it gives off very 90’s, Saved by the Bell, vibes but not in a bad way. Now, we just need to see that color palette expressed on the upcoming kits.

What do you think of the crest and colors? Leave a comment below!