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LA Galaxy training off through at least Friday

LA Galaxy Cup also cancelled.

Los Angeles Galaxy Introduce Javier Chicharito Hernandez Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

How was your weekend, LAG Confidential readers? It was weird for me, I was sick but probably not coronavirus-related. Anyway, here’s what’s happened around the LA Galaxy since the last time we spoke:

  • Training off through Friday (at least): MLS put a moratorium on teams training this past weekend, then extended it during this week, too. That means the Galaxy can’t train until Saturday at the earliest, but with the season off for 30 days, don’t be shocked if the training ban is extended, too. Hey, if it helps stop the spread of coronavirus, then it’s not a bad thing.
  • LA Galaxy Cup cancelled: The 2020 LA Galaxy Cup, an annual youth tournament organized by the club, has been cancelled. Again, tough call, but makes sense in a time like this.
  • U.S. Open Cup postponed: Like pretty much every other sporting event in the United States, the USOC has been postponed for the time being. Scheduled to begin in a matter of weeks, the retooled 2020 edition will have to be retooled yet again, assuming it will be played this year. Remember, it’s the easiest way for an American MLS team to win a trophy, and it’s the oldest soccer competition in the United States.
  • Message from Jona dos Santos: The captain (co-captain?) of the Galaxy had a message of support in Spanish for supporters that has been subtitled into English.

Today’s question: How did you make it through the weekend? Did you have to hunker down or go out and work? Let’s chat about what’s on your mind in the comments.