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Report: LA Galaxy nearing deal to hire Greg Vanney as head coach

The biggest priority could be done soon.

MLS Cup 2019: Press Conferences & Training Sessions Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images

Greg Vanney is no longer Toronto FC manager, and the LA Galaxy are looking for a head coach. Vanney used to play for the Galaxy, and the dots have been connected ever since he left TFC.

Now comes a credible report that a deal is actually on the horizon, with the Galaxy “finalizing a deal” to hire Vanney as their next head coach, according to Grant Wahl on Friday night.

That is the first report that actually seems to indicate what we were all thinking, and potentially builds on the report from Corner of the Galaxy on Thursday that the team had picked their (unnamed) man for the head coaching position.

Is this a done deal? Wahl’s reporting is certainly credible but “finalizing a deal” doesn’t mean the same thing as “done deal,” obviously. We saw with the failed hiring of Caleb Porter that you can get pretty far down the road and still not seal the deal, so nothing is guaranteed.

But it does seem like progress is being made, and I think Vanney is an obvious option for the position, given his history in the league, as a coach and player, his success and his previous ties with the Galaxy. If this is indeed close to being done, we could have an announcement any day now, to get in before the Christmas “break.” We’ll see what happens, but looks pretty likely it’s in progress.

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