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Rumor: Robbie Keane to become next LA Galaxy head coach?

Certainly plausible but probably not imminent.

Middlesbrough v Birmingham City - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Mark Fletcher/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

With the LA Galaxy stuck in a rut that is in threat of running through the end of the 2020 season, Guillermo Barros Schelotto’s seat as head coach appears to be red hot, at least from the outside.

Honestly, just because it feels like a coach probably can’t turn it around doesn’t mean the leaders within the organization feel similarly. So it’s hard to know if Schelotto has days or weeks to save his job, if his future is decided, or if he’s not going anywhere.

However, a rumor has emerged that former LA Galaxy forward Robbie Keane is in consideration to be the next head coach here, first reported by Elmur Souza on Thursday.

Then on Friday, Kevin Baxter of the LA Times reported the club’s response was that it is a rumor.

Based on that wording, it’s still somewhat ambiguous. Rumors can be true and they can be not true. Sometimes they are nonsense and sometimes they have truth behind them. What is truth, am I right?

But in some respects, there is some plausibility behind the basics of this rumor. Keane is retired as a player and has gotten into the coaching scene, serving as an assistant coach for the Republic of Ireland National Team and for a time at Middlesbrough. He no longer works for either team, so he’s available, too, although he still has two years on his contract with Ireland, and I’m not sure if he’ll still get paid to not work for them even if he takes a new job or not.

And then with the Galaxy struggling, they may be tempted to pull the plug on some or all of the current project with Schelotto and GM Dennis te Kloese, so there’s a window for Keane. Plus, Keane has previously expressed interest in coaching the Galaxy sometime in the future.

So it’s plausible but will it happen? Again, that’s the big question. It’s really hard to tell what they are going to do in the coming weeks. Perhaps they stay the course, perhaps they make it to the end of the season and make some big decisions, or perhaps a change will come soon. It’s all in play, honestly. I’ll say I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Keane is hired in the short-term, but do I expect it to happen? Not really. But hey, we’ll see what happens.

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