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Juan Carlos Ortega named LA Galaxy Director of Methodology and Development

Rumored to be heading to LA, today the organization made it official, and on the afternoon of El Trafico IV no less.

Juan Carlos Ortega has been named the LA Galaxy Director of Methodology and Development, which from our understanding is a fancy title for academy director. Prior to re-uniting with general manager Dennis te Kloese, Ortega worked with the Mexican Football Federation as their technical-tactical coordinator.

As DtK explains in the below clip, Ortega is a highly renowned developer of young talent, noting his teams had clear ideas on how to attack and stressing the need for a consistent style of play from the youth academy to the first team.

“We believe Juan Carlos will be a great addition to this club and the LA Galaxy Academy,” te Kloese explains. “Juan Carlos is knowledgeable and experienced, which shows in the success he has brought to the Mexican Football Federation and the prestigious clubs he has previously worked with. Juan Carlos also brings many important connections that he has cultivated throughout our region that will greatly support his work with the LA Galaxy.”

LA Galaxy II manager Mike Munoz, assistants Laurent Courtois, Jamie Harvey and Andrew May have left the club.