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MLS lifts ban on alcohol and sports betting sponsors

Bring back the Bud logo!

DC United V Galaxy

Good news for fans of the classic LA Galaxy kits.

Eben Novy-Williams of Bloomberg Sports is reporting the league’s board of governors have voted to lift a ban of alcohol and sports betting sponsorships. (As you may know, the Galaxy sported uniforms with Budweiser logos on the jersey sleeves and shorts for years)

“Internationally, sports betting in soccer has been embraced in the fabric of the game for so many years,” said Carter Ladd, the league’s senior vice president of business development. “Expanding these right gives us the unique ability to build on the ubiquity of gambling in soccer and use it to our advantage.”

Under the new guidelines, MLS teams can offer sports gambling companies advertising space within their stadiums, plus branding on the jerseys and live broadcasts. Subject to state laws, they can also partner with operators to offer sports betting at their stadiums, and participate in what’s called “call-to-action” marketing, encouraging fans of legal age to bet on games.

With the league set to re-allow jersey sleeve sponsors in 2020, would you like to see LA bring back the Bud logo or try something new? Vote in the below poll and let us know!