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The Zlatan Effect is real

Not since David Beckham has a LA Galaxy player had such an impact

Remember B.Z.? Before Zlatan?

Back then (which was really all of a month ago), the idea of bringing the Swedish superstar to Los Angeles posed a big question mark. Could a 36-year-old coming off a major knee injury perform and capture the attention of the Los Angeles market along the way?

So far, the answer is a resounding yes. The attention Ibra has been drawing is off-the-charts. Lately the press box has been jam-packed with international media, in fact the demand for the target striker has been so high the Galaxy have restricted his availability.

In the stands, ZlatanMania’s in full swing. The team store has been selling Ibrahimovic jerseys like hotcakes. Sunday’s match vs. the Wizards sold out and slim pickings remain for the 21st vs. Atlanta United. The organization’s moving a lot of tickets, and not just in Carson either. Saturday’s away match vs. the Chicago Fire and next month’s tilt in Dallas have already sold out.

This kind of fervor hasn’t been seen at the StubHub Center since the days of David Beckham. Speaking of royalty, guess who felt compelled to show up on Sunday?

Make no mistake about it, the Zlatan Effect has arrived. However long it decides to stick around, we shall see.

For now, just enjoy the ride.