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Zlatan Ibrahimovic arrives with full page ad in LA Times

“Dear Los Angeles, you’re welcome”

Zlatan sure knows how to make an entrance.

Yesterday was a monumental moment in Galaxy history. After years of attempting to lure the Swedish superstar to Los Angeles, the organization finally sealed the deal: Zlatan Ibrahimovic is leaving Manchester United on a free transfer, with LA signing the former United, PSG and Barcelona star on a 2-year $3 million deal.

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Obviously the decision to sign a 36-year coming off of torn ligament damage in his right knee has its risks, but with the Galaxy facing declining season ticket sales and LAFC doing everything they can to take siphon attention from the original LA club, the Galaxy had to make a statement.

My fellow Angelenos, this is what I call a statement. Open up this morning’s edition of the LA Times sports page and you will find a full-page ad from Zlatan and the Galaxy announcing his arrival.

It’s not a long speech, or even a few sentences. Just the words:

Dear Los Angeles,

You’re welcome

LA Times

That’s a lot of space to fill. Hopefully Zlatan is up for the challenge. As Mills Lane would say, let’s get it on!