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Want to hear a Zlatan story?

Don’t mess with the Zlatan

In case you’ve been living under a rock or don’t follow social media, the Galaxy finally concluded a multi-year chase for the signature of Zlatan Ibrahimovic this morning, as the Swedish superstar will join the LA Galaxy on a 2-year $3 million deal.

The move is a calculated risk for Sigi Schmid’s side, but a worthwhile one. On the field, the 6’5” target striker is as skillful as he is imposing, one of the world’s finest footballers capable of genius at any moment.

Of course, part of the appeal of signing Zlatan is his fiery personality off the field. Never a player to shy away from controversy, Ibrahimovic was already a popular figure before the #DareToZlatan campaign transformed the former Barcelona star into the demi-god personality we know and love today.

Earlier today in the collective frenzied midst of Soccer Twitter, knowledgeable soccer reporter and MLS contributor Charles Boehm shared a story from Ibra’s Paris St. Germain days when Zlatan just happened to be at RFK stadium. Check it out, and afterwards give Charlie a well-deserved follow.

This guy is now in Major League Soccer. Excited yet?