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Kurt Schmid joins LA Galaxy as Director of Player Personnel and Scouting

Mike Russell/Sounder at Heart

Sounders head scout Kurt Schmid has left his post in Seattle to reunite with his father in L.A., where he will serve as the Galaxy’s new Director of Player Personnel and Scouting.

In his role with the LA Galaxy, Kurt Schmid will work directly in all soccer-related aspects of the LA Galaxy and LA Galaxy II, specifically in scouting and identifying talent at the collegiate, national and international level. In addition to scouting and identifying talent, he will work closely with the Galaxy technical staff in areas regarding player evaluation, interacting with agents and facilitating MLS communication and CBA compliance.

The younger Schmid also worked as an assistant coach and the Director of Player Personnel for the Sounders.

This is not a hire that should be overlooked. LA are in desperate need of a scouting overhaul, and if the reports are to be believed, Schmid could very well be the person for the job. Last year highly respected Sounders GM Garth Lagerway gave a glittering endorsement of the head scout.

“This is a guy that should be a general manager in the league at some point,” Lagerwey told Goal USA . “His knowledge of players is encyclopedic. He is a great employee, man, because he’s proactive. We send him all over the world scouting, and comes back with good information.

“He’s a guy who internally helps me with the salary cap, so he’s a numbers guy and a data guy as well, and I really value his judgement. He’s really been an important part of it, and you know people look at me and say, ‘Wait, Kurt Schmid’s still working there?’ And I’m like, ‘I can’t do without him, man.’”

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