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Grading the LA Galaxy Position Players: Goalkeepers

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The goalkeepers this year, well, they struggled mightily. And that might be an understatement by all accounts. As a whole, they only recorded six clean sheets and gave up 67 goals, second worse in all of Major League Soccer.

With that said, here is how we are grading our goalkeepers this season.

Clement Diop: D

There were stretches throughout the season where Clement Diop looked like he could run away with the number one spot. But then he would make one egregious mistake after another.

Because of that, Diop without a doubt was the low man on the totem pole this season. Don’t be surprised if he is not on the roster for next season.

Jon Kempin: D+

This is where things get interesting. There is definitely a gulf of skill level between Diop, Jon Kempin, and Brian Rowe.

When Kempin initially came into the starting role, he looked sharp. He produced a few big saves that saved the Galaxy on multiple occasions.

But, he was part of the consecutive 4-0 losses, and that ended his season in goal with the LA Galaxy.

Brian Rowe: C-

Could Brian Rowe have gotten the short end of the stick this season? Perhaps. I personally think he played better than most people realized, and definitely had the best goals against average among the trio.

So why did he not get more of a chance? That is a question that needs to be answered.

What are your thoughts about these grades? Were we too harsh? Not harsh enough? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!