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Jermaine Jones rants after LA Galaxy decline his option

A bitter Jones criticized the league and Galaxy fans on social media

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at Seattle Sounders FC Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Something tells me Jermaine Jones won’t be returning in 2018.

Last night the U.S. international spilled the beans on social media, hopping on Instagram Live to complain about all things American soccer, and the former Galaxy midfielder had some choice words for LA fans.

Unfortunately, by posting the rant days after the team declined his option for next season, Jones’ poor choice of parting shots came across as bitter and petty.

It needs to be said: Like most Galaxy players, Jones was doomed for failure from the start, in part thanks to a front office who gifted Jermaine a ridiculously inflated contract worth a guaranteed $722,500. Even if Jones had performed well by all reasonable expectations, he never would have lived up to the deal, basically ensuring Jermaine would be scapegoated for the AJ DeLaGarza trade and if/when the team failed to win.

Jones was overpaid. Tragically the 36-year-old was unable to compartmentalize this basic reality, so when the criticism arrived, instead of facing the music, Jones took the heat personally, and perhaps got a bit confused in the process.

Could the Galaxy be better at building a club identity? Sure. For far too long the culture of the team has been little more than “Win Baby Win”.

But that statement is complete and utter baloney, and LA fans let him have it.

It goes without saying that many of the Galaxy’s most beloved players have been the little guys. Mike Magee was a castoff who blossomed in front of Galaxy die-hards into a legend. The fanbase was devastated when AJ DeLaGarza was traded this spring in cavalier fashion. Jelle Van Damme is still beloved by LA fans. Need I mention Alan freakin’ Gordon? Chris Birchall? The Brazilians? (All of them, even Leonardo)

In contrast, one of the biggest names in world football in Steven Gerrard was never accepted in Los Angeles. As I’ve said before, Galaxy fans are the Real Madrid of MLS supporters: They aren’t swayed easily by names, what matters is production and effort.

Like Gerrard, Jones was unable to produce nor endeared himself to the fans, so he too was never accepted.