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Gyasi Zardes' first touch continues to draw the ire of the internet. But is it fair?

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Looks like soccer twitter is having a bit of fun with one of its favorite memes again as a youtube video has surfaced highlighting Gyasi Zardes' first touch.

The video is slick and well edited and even manages to use the perfect trashy European techno song to make it feel like a real highlight video. Of course, the highlights in question are a series of clips of Gyasi Zardes bungling various first touches in the Colombia and Costa Rica games.

For those new to this meme, it all started earlier this year when Sports Illustrated published a piece which was initially titled "Gyasi Zardes' Secret to the Perfect First Touch." The article was rather quickly re-titled "How Gyasi Zardes trains ball control and first touch," but not before the internet had taken the idea of Gyasi Zardes' "perfect first touch" and had a field day with it.

The meme did not go unnoticed by the striker who told reporters "Personally, I think I have a good first touch," which has done little to stop the joke from escalating as we see from this video.

While the meme is undoubtedly funny, thus it lasting this long, the question becomes, is it fair? Is Gyasi Zardes' touch as bad the internet makes it out to be, or is this a valid criticism of his game? Vote below and sound off in the comments section.