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LA Galaxy vs. Colorado Rapids: Player Ratings

The Galaxy's road woes continue with a late collapse after an errant clearance and an unmarked run.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Why can't this team win on the road?  Against the Rapids, no less.  What was looking to be a professional point with an anemic offense went pear shaped at the very end with a brutal clearance from Steres, and ball watching from Rogers.  It was particularly unfortunate for Steres who was having a very good night up until the last 15 seconds of the game.

At this point it's hard to remember what a road win feels like.  The subs didn't help with Galaxy pressure or possession, and when the Colorado goal happened you just didn't feel surprised.  Of course it was Marco Pappa.

Player ratings:

  • Rowe7 The rest of the team owes him dinner and a clean sheet.  A very solid match from the backup keeper that looks more and more like he might be ready for consistent prime time.  With 7 total saves, and a couple of diving fingertip saves, Rowe had a nice night and isn't to blame on the goal.  The Galaxy also didn't look as bad as previous weeks on set pieces.  Man of the match.
  • Rogers - 4.5 Left Pappa criminally unmarked on the winning goal.  Other than a very nice cross into Keane that should have been finished, also had a pretty bad passing night.  Lots of errant boot ball from the left.
  • Steres - 5.5 Brutally bad header clearance at the end.  Between that and his tactical yellow card had to knock him down to a 5.5.  It's unfortunate because before the last 15 seconds he was solid, in particular in the air.  As a result of a decent 94 minutes of play he gets a better score than Rogers does.  Hoping he learns from the experience.  15 defensive actions on the night with 8 clearances.
  • DeLaGarza - 5.5 Didn't get up the pitch much, wasn't good with the ball in the back like usual, and was beat a few times for speed.
  • Van Damme - 6 Okay performance.  Did well in the back and wasn't at fault for the goal.  12 defensive actions.  Yellow card.
  • de Jong - 6 Uncharacteristic bad passing night for the defensive midfielder.  14 defensive actions.
  • Gerrard6.5 Four key passes and decent set piece delivery service made him one of the better players for the Galaxy.  85%+ passing accuracy as well.  Unfortunately he still got a yellow card for clattering into a Rapids player on the sideline.
  • Zardes - 5 Not sure where Gyasi's passing game has gone to.  Less than 60% passing accuracy again.  That's just not good enough.
  • Lletget - 6 Didn't see much of him this week though he did have a key pass and earned a few fouls.
  • Keane - 5.5 Should have had a goal in the first half.  12 touches.  All game.
  • Magee - 6 Moved the ball around but not much else.
  • Boateng - 4.5 Still a chicken with its head cut off.  Not a ton of touches for his time, and was almost sent off.
  • Husidic - 5 Didn't help with late game pressure.

Individual player ratings are determined using a 10 point scale where 6 is the starting point - similar to the standard set by whoscored (