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MLS officials testing replay technology

Multiple sources have confirmed that PRO referees were on hand in Portland on Thursday to test replay technology.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Replay technology for referees. Despite being a major fixture in nearly every US sport, it's long been nothing more than a fantasy for soccer fans. This fantasy, however, may be edging ever closer to reality.

On Thursday, multiple MLS referees were spotted in Portland and we can now shed some light on why. Sources close to the situation have confirmed that several referees from the Professional Referee Organization (PRO) were in Portland on Thursday to officially test replay technology which we can expect to see in at least some USL games next year.

Buzz around this possibly first began at the MLS Superdraft when Don Garber told Goal USA, "We are evaluating very closely testing instant replay with the USL," however this is the first time we are able to report that technology is currently on the ground being tested by seasoned PRO referees.

What do you think of these developments? Hoping to see replay technology at Galaxy II games next year?  Sound off below.