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Review: Homage releases LA Galaxy collection

How does the Galaxy gear hold up?

Homage, a Columbus based clothing company, is the latest brand to release a line of MLS gear for the LA Galaxy.

Including gear for all 20 teams in the league, the Galaxy collection is made up of three items: A t-shirt with the "This is LA" motto and five championship stars printed in the front, a colorful scarf featuring baby blue lettering and scattered quasars, and navy blue athletic socks.

LAG homage

So how do the designs hold up?

As Steve Carell would say, "Mikey likey". I for one have an appreciation for simple, successful designs that feel authentic without trying too hard to impress, and the Homage collection balances those aspects nicely.

Despite an abundance of LA Galaxy gear that has been released lately, the t-shirt looks fresh, and it's nice to see someone create an original, attractive Galaxy scarf free of a standard template design. The socks might be a tad dull, but hey, they're socks.

It also helps that the collection is affordable, especially compared to the authentic yet expensive Reigning Champ collection released earllier this year.

What do you think, Galaxy fans? Check out the entire collection here.