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Cristiano Ronaldo wants to play in LA

But which LA team would CR7 play for?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

According to Grant Wahl, who you may recall broke the Steven Gerrard announcement, Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has decided he wants to live in Los Angeles if he ends up playing in America.

Last month, Wahl originally reported the possibility that Ronaldo could head to MLS in 2018 once his contract with Real Madrid expires, along with a shortlist of destinations the Portuguese international preferred.

Ronaldo would likely be coming off a World Cup and would be 33 years old, older than David Beckham (32) was when he came to MLS but younger than Frank Lampard (37) or Steven Gerrard (35) will be when they arrive this summer. Ronaldo’s main interest lies in cities you’d probably expect: Miami, Los Angeles and New York.

However, with LA now Ronaldo's first choice, the competition for one of the world's most recognizable athletes is theoretically down to two teams: The LA Galaxy, and the generic sounding as-of-now-still-unnamed Los Angeles Football Club.

So who lands CR7? With an international reputation, the Galaxy are the standard bearers of the league, and the organization breeds success and a prestige that can't be bought. Ronaldo himself is familiar with the 5-time MLS Cup champions, having played against the Galaxy in multiple friendlies over the years. Joining the Galaxy may very well be the best, if not safest way to preserve his legacy as a football player.

On the other hand, LAFC offers glitz, glamour and hype, not to mention truckloads of money. As a new MLS franchise with a lot of prove -- one that could be opening a new stadium during its inaugural year, you would expect LAFC's influential ownership to pull out all the stops to bring Cristiano to the other LA club. (It goes without saying a lot is riding on getting that thing built)

Where do you think Ronaldo could end up?