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Will 2016 Be Steven Gerrard's Last Season?

Gerrard made comments last week that next season may be his last. Is that good or bad for the Galaxy?

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Steven Gerrard has hinted that the 2016 season may be his last as a professional footballer. His age combined with the wear and tear of an MLS season that followed an EPL season are catching up with him. We've covered before how some of his off the field endeavors have indicated a possible lack of interest in playing long term. Considering he's only on an 18 month contract with the LA Galaxy, could next season be his last?

Would You Want Him Back?

Gerrard has played half a season for the Galaxy, one that ended earlier than any season since 2008. Not everyone has been glad to have Gerrard on the team, especially given his $6 Million price tag.The Galaxy did not play well during the home stretch, and Gerrard was victimized for a crucial goal during the Seattle game. Given the stat below, did he prove to be more of a liability for the team this season? Or is it just coincidence?

Given how he played this past year, are you excited or anxious that 2016 could be his swan song?


If Gerrard does decide to hang up the cleats after we win the MLS Cup next season, does hinting at it now help Chris Klein and company prepare for life after Stevie G? With 12 months to plan for his departure (considering he's on an 18 month contract it's not a huge surprise), who would you like to see the Galaxy go after? Do you want another big name star that will sell jerseys and fill seats? Is age a factor in your decision? Do you want another international player or an American?

Let us know in the comments below who you think the Galaxy should pursue after Gerrard leaves, especially if that is at the end of next season.