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Landon Donovan led Galaxy in Match Impact Rating in draw vs. Fire

Landon Donovan scored his third goal in two matches as the LA Galaxy drew 1-1 with the Chicago Fire on Sunday at Toyota Park. Donovan led the Galaxy in Match Impact Rating for the second straight match as well.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Landon Donovan and the LA Galaxy were able to pull a 1-1 draw out of a match against the Chicago Fire at Toyota Park on Sunday that Galaxy captain Robbie Keane thought was too hot to be worth anyone's time or effort (we're putting it much more mildly than Keane did).

With his goal on Sunday, Donovan has now scored three goals in two matches since being slighted by Juergen Klinsmann for a spot on the U.S. Men's National Team's 2014 World Cup roster. Donovan scored on his only shot of the match following a cross from Robbie Rogers. Donovan also committed two fouls (one drawing a yellow card) and suffered one foul in his 90 minutes of play to finish with a team-leading Match Impact Rating of 64.5.

The Galaxy as a team were very economical with their shot attempts (perhaps because of the temperatures), taking just five all match. The only other player to register a solid MIR as a result was Rogers, who finished with a 57.4 while playing the role of super sub with the assist in his 47 minutes of action.

Below is Donovan's 137th MLS career regular season goal, which extends his all-time league record.

The Galaxy next play on June 8 against Chivas USA.