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The Illuminati conspiracy behind Avaya Stadium in San Jose

Compelling evidence that suggests that all is not what it appears to be in San Jose.

Recently, our hated rivals to the north built a new stadium out by the airport (which is great for the majority of fans who want to get in, watch the game, and get out, without ever having to go through the actual city of San Jose) and to promote the stadium, the Quakes decided to encode super secret messages in the stadium's seats.

Recently, a fan was able to crack the binary code which read "Go EQ" and as a result, won tickets to the next World Cup. Neat promotion, right? Wrong! This contest was a campaign of misinformation designed to hide the real messages encoded into the stadium-messages of blood lines and Illuminati conspiracies.

As everybody knows, the key to cracking any code is to put the message in a mirror.

So quite obviously, "Go EQ" (which makes absolutely no sense) is in actuality "Qeog." Now check out what happens if you Google "Qeog."

BOOM! This case just blew wide open. Google says Qeog means "Elohim." According to this legit geocities site, all those fancy explanations as to why the old testament refers to God in the plural are just crazy talk by so called "experts" with so called "linguistic degrees."  The real truth of the matter is, the Elohim were aliens who also went by Anunnaki because they were just too cool for one name.

Now here is a video that will blow your mind about the Anunnaki

People in ancient times invented putting words down on stone. That's clearly Alien Technology people. OPEN YOUR EYES!

But what does this have to do with the Illuminati? I think this graphic quite clearly explains everything

Now, believe it or not, there is an Illuminati civil war going on over the planets Stargates. The Construction of Avaya Stadium fits right into this.   You see, in the 1970's, the US Government under project Pegasus established a survival colony on Mars. This was in preparation of an impending planetary disaster that would  wipe out all human life on Earth. The initiative is known as Alternative 3 and can be read about here.

According to Andrew D. Basiago, who as a child, traveled through time at the behest of the government, and who is running for president in 2016 and whose candidacy has the complete backing of this blog, DARPA mastered teleportation and established a Star Gate on Mars in the 70's. And he would know. He's transported there many times. Again, it's all in the youtubes.

Now, some of the brightest minds in the country live in Silicon Valley, and it would be naïve to think that these people don't have a back-up plan for when the world goes south. They and their Illuminati brethren have built a Stargate under Avaya Stadium and this whole little contest was their way of announcing it to the world. Nice try, Illuminati, but you couldn't fool LAG Confidential.