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MLS X-Files: More compelling evidence linking MLS stadiums to Mars stargates

An anonymous phone call blows the stargate case wide open.

When I published my findings about the Avaya Stadium Stargate, I knew there would be blow back. I published the article at 1:30 in the morning, as that is when people are most receptive to taco bell commercials, phone sex infomercials, and the truth. I woke up about mid-afternoon the next day in complete disarray. I had a pounding headache, was missing a sock and there was a clear typo in the article's headline (something that has never once happened on the blog).

I had read the literature. This was a 3 pronged DARPA attack of psychic warfare (the tinfoil hat did little), intimidation (I later found the sock, it had clearly been re-planted so that I would begin to question my sanity) and finally, discrediting of my info.

It was all very unsettling and I was beginning to question whether I had the mental fortitude to continue in my deep dive into MLS's paranormal secrets, but I soon got a phone call that reassured me that I was doing important work. The call came from a payphone just outside the military base in San Luis Obispo and the information I received was shocking. SHOCKING!

"You're on the right track," crackled the voice. I could almost smell the cigarette smoke through the phone-line. "The conspiracy runs deeper than Avaya." "What do you mean?" I asked, while still looking for my sock. I can't tell you how much the sock incident bothered me. "If you want to unravel this whole thing," he replied, "do some digging on Courtney M. Hunt." He then hung up the phone.

So who was this Courtney M. Hunt, and what did it have to do with Stargates?  In Texas, the Hunt family is legendary. H.L Hunt was a rich Oil Tycoon and it is widely speculated the TV show "Dallas" was based on his life. There are also rumors he took part in the CIA assassination of John F. Kennedy.

One of H.L. Hunt's 15 children was his late son Lamar Hunt, who fans of the league will know was a prominent early investor in MLS. He quite famously funded the construction of Crew Stadium out of his own pocket and went on to later partially fund the construction of Dallas' stadium. Of course, when Lamar owned Dallas, they were the Dallas Burn. Here is their logo.

The logo of the Burn is a fire breathing horse with lightning feet. Since real horses have neither, this is obviously Illuminati symbolism. But of what kind? The obvious guess is that it is a reference to Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek Mythology. The two biggest myths surrounding Pegasus  involve the horse delivering lightning bolts to to Zeus and delivering a hero to fight a fire breathing Chimera.

Pegasus was also the alleged name of the DARPA project which developed teleportation and time travel, and subsequently has allowed us to develop a secret colony on Mars. Now how do we know about this colony on Mars? A whistle blower by the name of Andrew Basiago who participated in the project as a child in the 70's.

After his time with Project Pegasus, Andrew Basiago claims that the CIA attempted to recruit him back into government service, and the person involved in doing so was an agent by the name of Courtney M. Hunt, who Basiago claims in an audio interview I'm embedding later in the article was a cousin of Lamar Hunt.

In an email exchange that has since been made publicly available, Andrew D. Basiago communicated his experience with Michael Relfe, who himself claims to have been teleported to Mars.

I twice teleported to Mars in 1981 from a "jump room" at a CIA facility in El Segundo, California. I was trained for these missions by a CIA officer named Courtney M. Hunt, whose identity as a CIA officer has been verified by intelligence community ethicist Dr. Jean Maria Arrigo and career Army security attaché Captain Ernest Garcia, a veteran of many classified projects. I have also questioned Hunt's ex-wives B.J. Hunt and Linda Hunt and his son Robert Hunt to establish that Mr. Hunt was what he said he was, namely, a career CIA officer, and that, therefore, my memories of visiting Mars through his facilitation were the result of bona fide interactions with a CIA employee. My first trip to Mars via teleportation was made in

July 1981 by myself. The "jump room" arrived at an underground location and I walked up a concrete stairwell to reach the surface. I walked through the eye sockets of a skull on the surface, stepped out onto the surface, was met by three human beings from Earth, and stood around for about an hour, before I was told that I could leave and teleport back to Earth. The atmosphere was breathable but thin, the sky a very pale blue. My second trip to Mars via teleportation was made in August 1981 in the company of Mr. Hunt. We used the same "jump room" at the CIA facility in El Segundo to reach Mars and arrived at the same underground location. When we walked up the stairs and stepped out onto the surface, we walked around on the surface for three or four hours. We visited an old stone house (like one might find in rural Arizona) and interacted with a colonist from Earth

For the full account of his adventure on Mars with Mr. Hunt, which involves an interaction with a half human half slug who Mr. Hunt intimidates into submission like the CIA bad ass that he is, and later a harrowing escape where Basiago and Hunt have to run back to the skull with a Martian dinosaur nipping at their feet, you can listen to it here. Grab some popcorn and skip 1 hour in.

And this isn't just the ravings of one crazy guy. There are corroborative, equally crazy ravings, which back this all up. Take this statement made by another Mars Chrononaut, William B. Stillings.

"I can confirm that Andrew D. Basiago and Barack Obama (then using the name Barry Soetoro) were in my Mars training course in Summer 1980 and that during the time period 1981 to 1983, I encountered Andy, Courtney M. Hunt of the CIA, and other Americans on the surface of Mars after reaching Mars via the jump room in El Segundo, California."

Now let's bring this all home. H.L. Hunt was allegedly involved in the CIA's assassination of John F. Kennedy. According to sources close to Barack Obama, albeit during his days on Mars, H.L. Hunt had a nephew in the CIA who was actively involved in training people and escorting people to Mars via Stargates.

If we are to believe Basiago's claims about the government, (and why wouldn't we? They are just so damn cool), they have been sending people to the future since the 1970's,  then the US Government would have known about the coming rise of MLS, and wouldn't you know it, one of the chief financial backers of the league when it starts is a Hunt, who just happens to be extremely interested in paying for the construction of MLS stadiums out of his pocket. Is it possible that Lamar Hunt was a CIA operative? Sure, anything is possible, and consider the following.

If you look at Crew Stadium from above, you'll notice a couple of things. The first is the obvious "all seeing eye," an Illuminati symbol which can be found on our dollar bill. The second thing of note is that there is literally nothing to the south of it. Could this be because there are massive energy gathering facilities underneath in order to power the Stargate? Enough energy to, oh I don't know, catch a scoreboard on fire?

It also makes you wonder how many other MLS stadiums house Stargates. The second soccer specific MLS stadium, after all, is Stub Hub center, which isn't all that far from the El Segundo jump room where Basiago and Obama were supposedly making their trips to Mars in the 80's.

As someone who has been in the tunnels under that stadium, I can tell you that there could easily be a jump room or two under there, not to mention alien autopsy rooms (eyes shift uncomfortably towards Cozmo).

All I know is that when the end times come, I'm driving down to Carson and attempting to convince our Illuminati overlords that they are going to need soccer analysts on Mars. I suggest you and your family plan a similar trip.

If you have any paranormal MLS stories, please share them in the comments section below or contact the author via carrier pigeon. The truth will set you free.