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LA Galaxy vs. LA Galaxy II: Open Thread

The LA Galaxy and LA Galaxy II are about to play the first ever inter-organisational scrimmage. Let's see if the nursery squad can get a few in on their elders.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

football formations

Bench: Rowe, Husidic, Ishizaki, Opare, Samuel, Gargan, Meyer, Venter, Cochrane, Gaul, Walker, Hoffman, Rugg

LA Galaxy II: Laurendi; Sorto, Steres, Biallo, Bli; Djokovic, Stojkov, Garcia, Jamieson IV; McBean, Mendiola

Galaxy II is heavy on the academy players, including the homegrown folk. Wouldn't be surprised if this is how things start out this season, with some of those names on the Galaxy bench joining them.