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Landon Donovan, A.J. DeLaGarza injury updates

The LA Galaxy had two major injuries during their match with DC United that will have an affect on the final weeks of the season. Landon Donovan went down just after halftime and A.J. DeLaGarza shortly after the first goal with injuries that will need further diagnosis.

The initial diagnosis on DeLaGarza's injury was a dislocated elbow, which broadcaster Cobi Jones was able to diagnose on a monitor from the booth. It was fairly obvious that something was wrong. DeLaGarza changed into a track suit and was on the sideline after being taken to the locker room. Whether that's a positive sign or not is yet to be seen.

For Landon Donovan the initial diagnosis was left ankle injury. He was on the sideline during the second half with ice on that left leg. It's possible he simply had soreness in that ankle after the qualifiers and the travel, and felt he couldn't continue after halftime warmups.

Both injuries significantly changed the shape of the team. As an attacking fullback, DeLaGarza had the recovery which led directly to Robbie Keane's opening goal. With Donovan out Keane slotted back toward the midfield to create for Jose Villarreal, and was able from that position to get Michael Stephens the ball that Stephens toe poked home.