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Four Star Daily: National cablecasts and FIFA 13 forward

The LA Galaxy and Portland Timbers are scheduled to kick off on NBC Sports Network this weekend, and Marco di Vaio beat out Robbie Keane in the FIFA 13 MLS All-Star Game competition.


  • The Portland Timbers host the LA Galaxy Saturday at 8:00 Pacific on NBC Sports Network. NBC Sports loves matches involving Cascadia teams, and it'll be LA's first broadcast on the net with the new broadcast team. The teaser commercial for the match is up above.
  • Marco di Vaio won the MLS All Star 'In the Game' Forward position by virtue of fans scoring the most goals with him in FIFA 13. Fans scored 73,838 with di Vaio, and Robbie Keane finished second with 69,797. Thus far Omar Gonzalez is the only Galaxy player on the All-Star roster, but 19 more players have to be named.
  • With the announcement yesterday that the Portland Timbers will host the 2014 MLS All-Star Game, folk are writing that Portland has a GI Joe Kung-Fu grip on the title Soccertown USA. Detroit as Hockeytown USA is the only other example I can think of where a town claims ownership of a sport, as the Red Wings copyrighted the term. However, it's not the only Hockeytown out there. So MLS might want to get moving on copyrighting soccertown. Lest the LA Galaxy put it on marketing materials next season, out of spite.