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Four Star Daily: Galaxy lose, DP coming?

The LA Galaxy lost to FC Dallas last night. But is there a Designated Player coming to Los Angeles soon?


Some morning links to go with your balanced breakfast

  • The LA Times didn't have someone on the scene, but they were so nice as to post the AP story. George John lifts FC Dallas over Galaxy, that's pretty much how it happened. George John carried FC Dallas to a 1-0 victory. I'm now imagining George John as this giant who saw his teammates toiling in a field, picked them up and carried them to a better life. In reality, John just lost his marker and then knocked in a lose ball. George John steals one for FC Dallas. Yeah, I like that.
  • Steve Davis did the game a bit more justice, mentioning not only the late Dallas goal but the two missed penalty kicks which were arguably the bigger story. Twitter did get it right, that the ball administered some karmic justice for a bit of simulation. Both penalties were softly taken, neither keeper was fooled.
  • A report came out last night during the match that the Galaxy have narrowed the search down to one DP target and that an announcement could come in early May. On the one hand, Arena did give us the correct return target for Landon Donovan. On the other hand, we've been hearing a DP announcement come come in a few weeks for more than a few weeks now. I have no doubt the Galaxy have their target though, and hopefully when it's announced we'll know the reason it took so long to come to fruition. Like, Player Name had to finish his EPL season.